Question Board Nov 8th 2018

Our meeting question board collects the ideas, questions, issues, and concerns people have and want to explore with the group. (Click on image to view larger)


Want to play a game?

    If the words "down" "off" "depressed" "under the weather" "stressed" "anxious" and "restless" didn't exist what words would you use to describe how you felt? Vague language is often used because we aren't fully willing to face (or disclose) what's really bothering us. That's a shame because we'll never be able to formulate... Continue Reading →

What do you tell yourself?

We learn a lot from talking to other people. Outside perspectives shine light on things we haven't noticed or maybe haven't fully considered. But the most important person we have conversations with is ourselves. How we frame our own outlook can empower us to endure setbacks or defeat us before we get started. Consider printing... Continue Reading →

Understanding Cause & Affect

The internet is a tricky place to go for medical information. New information replace old at the speed of ones connection, and legit information competes for clicks with provocative claims and outright lies. It's easy to find someone who'll tell us what we already believe. To avoid adding to the confusion I feel a certain... Continue Reading →

October Meetings 2018

October 11th – 7-9pm Harborview Research and Training Building (300 9th Ave) October 25th – 7-9pm UW Medical Center (1959 NE Pacific Street – Plaza Cafe Conference rooms)

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