Other Support Options

With the philosophy that support should always be available, here’s a list of other places your can get it… some online 24hrs a day… some just alternatives to the DBSA Greater Seattle meetings. If you learn of another option, let us know about it by commenting on this page. Thanks.

(And please let me know if a link is dead.)

In Seattle Area
NAMI – Greater Seattle

Crisis Clinic
Call 866-4CRISIS (427-4747)
Local 206-461-3222
TTY 206-461-3219


Wings of Madness (Communicate>Chat)

Pendulum (support>forum)

BipolarConnect.com (Shareposts)

Psycho-Babble by Dr. Bob

The Icarus Project (Community>Discussion Forums)

alt.support.depression (using usenet google reader)

alt.support.depression.manic (using usenet google reader)

Forums & Live Chat

McMann’s Depression & Bipolar Web (Community>MoodGarden Partnership)

Bipolar World


Suicidal Thoughts? Now Matters Now (DBT Skills)


Mood Garden

Mental Health Toolbox: Clark College

Apps (Mentioned in meetings, may not be available on all platforms)








T2 Moodtracker

Bias Modification

Do you know of any other online support options that should be included on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. A really great site is Julie Fast’s http://www.bipolarhappens.com. She’s been there and talks about what’s worked and hasn’t worked for her — and others — in keeping well. Her blog is extensive. She’s also written several books, the most helpful, in my opinion, being “Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder: A 4-Step Plan for You and Your Loved Ones to Manage the Illness and Create Lasting Stability.” This book provides great education about the various appearances of bipolar disorder. Fast also helps readers who have bipolar disorder learn how to get the help that is actually helpful from family, friends, and medical people as well as educating family and friends about bipolar disorder and helping them learn how to be supportive and helpful to a person undergoing a mood swing. Fast accomplishes this through worksheets for the reader to identify mood-swing triggers and how the person affected behaves and speaks during or prior to a mood swing.

  2. Is this group still active. My spouse has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has started medication. It is a new adjustment, and I am looking for anyone who has been through this.

  3. Hi Mike.. we are, and appreciate your comment asking that question (really I do, good reminder that I need to throw stuff up here from time to time)

    Anyway.. our focus is our 2 support group meetings every month. The one at harborview on the 2nd Thursday of each month, and the one at the UW medical Center Cafeteria Conference rooms on the 4th Thursday of the month (except when they conflict with Thanksgiving or Christmas like they do this year)

    Details about out meetings can be found on the “about page” (see tab above) Please come, lots of support available.

    To your 2nd question: We’ve pretty much ALL been through that, either as the “consumer” or as the support to the consumer.. And it can be hell. My heart goes out to you.


  4. I have 2 of my children that are bi-polar living with me, ages 31 and 18. Sometimes I do not know how to handle all the turmoil, lack of sleep, lying, stealing, etc. Where can I find people in similar situations to discuss my concerns?

  5. Webperson
    My wife has bi-polar depression and we are in search of a depression support group(12 Step based, hopefully) in the Snohomish County area(Marysville, Everett, Mt.Vernon,etc). Does anyone know of such support groups in this area? Thanks.

  6. I was diagnosed Bipolar in the last 6 months. I use to just think my antidepressants sometimes worked too well. But now I’m ultra rapid cyclining type II (I think). I’m so frustrated because I’ve gained weight on Lithium and now I’m trying Abilify and it’s causing some adverse reactions too… Feelling like I will never feel “right” again. Looking for support group info. I live 1.5 hr north of Seattle- there has to be something in addition to online.

  7. My mom has bipolar disorder and is an alcoholic. I’m looking for a support group in the Seattle area for adults who are children of people with those diagnoses.


  8. 10. Michael. I too am looking for a support group in the Snohomish County area. I work in Everett and live in Lynnwood. Have you had any luck and if so will you share the info with me?

  9. Here’s a way to get started keeping a Mood Chart. This site give you a blank one, sample one and explains how to fill out out and how it came be helpful.

  10. Here’s a way to get started keeping a Mood Chart. This site give you a blank one, sample one and explains how to fill out out and how it came be helpful.

  11. I am having adverse effects from my first experiences with ECT. The first time (6 treatments, which ended because of flashback “nightmares” about the ECT) actually did make me feel better despite the flashbacks. This second round, of three treatments, is giving me all the flashback side effects and even though the first treatments were only in April, these haven’t helped yet. I’m scared that my life will always be this awful. Is there anyone with ECT experience out there who wants to chat? Or anyone, for that matter?

  12. To Cindy or to anyone else whom may be interested,

    I am receiving ECT right now. Tomorrow will be my fifth session. I am receiving the treatments at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. I’m almost positive that my mind is trying to piece together something horrific; this started after yesterday’s session. I think I am having flashbacks, but of what? It’s just bad stuff(the ‘flashbacks,’ not the ECT itself). I’d love any kind of feedback. 🙂


  13. I was mis-diagnosed bi-polar and heavily medicated: Epival – Lithium – Zyprexa – Clonazepam – Ativan. This was after initially being diagnosed as depressed and prescribed Celexa which caused serious increases in irritation, anger, mood swings and turning into rapid cycling (BP2). I was hospitalized and taken off the Celexa at which time the Dr noted that is what increased my emotional instability problems and then I was diagnosed BP and placed on the aforementioned meds.
    This was in early 2008. I was seen by a Dr in Apr 2009 which re-diagnosed as Anxiety (NOS), all the points of PTSD except for initial incident. Immediately I was weened from Lithium and placed on Cymbalta, which had the desired effect within 1 week. Noticeable change immediate but on the possible option of mania or depressive state change, but the diagnoses was correct. Weened off Zyprexa also, down on Epival and Clonazepam at minimal level. Ativan as needed.
    In review, upon diagnosis of BP (incorrectly) and placement upon noted meds, massive weight gain occurred. Mood still was up and down however no longer irritation or rages which is attributed to negative reaction of initial SSRI Celexa.
    Accumulated stress reaction and improper diagnosis and medication which led to breakdown. Mis-diagnosis and concurrent treatment band-aided recovery, which was on-going until Apr 09 when re-diagnosis of Anxiety (NOS) aka PTSD without criteria A was asserted and treatment changed which resulted in immediate positive effect.
    Despite peripheral problems due to aggravating social stressors last year, recovery has been consistent.
    What I know is that I had such stress due to the work enviroment which led to possible depressive state, as anyone would have considering circumstances (can be detailed at req), and follow-up by MD was not consistent but “brush-painted diagnosis” due to the acute amount of mental health concerns in the system (Vancouver, BC area).
    Sunnye, we`ve spoken some. 🙂 Would like to hear from you again.
    My best,

  14. My fiance is very very depressed and is in therapy. I live in the Everett -Marysvill WA
    area and desperately need a support group to attend.
    Can you recommend me one I am a 50year old man.
    Or one online if nothing else. I would prefer a group. This is a serious situation I need help and support.

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