Mind And Emotions

Book Recommendation as shared during the May 14th Online Meeting. This book now tops Duane's Book recommendations. See the review here.

Some great little resources

I often recommend books in our meetings. (in fact there's a whole section of this website devoted to those recommendations: Click here) Recently I came across an author and publisher doing really good, really accessible work related to mental health that I want to highlight. Microcosm Publishing out of Portland publishes the work of Faith... Continue Reading →

Wandering the path of self-obsession

    The need to ‘get along’ and ‘get ahead’ is as old as organisms living beside each other. It’s the core motivation set baked into us through evolution. (If your ancestors didn’t figure out how to do it you aren’t reading this.) In our (read: modern, western, individualistic, capitalist, neoliberal, etc) culture, the definition... Continue Reading →

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