Mentioned at the meeting: Changing Behavior & More

Interesting questions inspire interesting conversations and point to interesting resources. Here are a few that arose from our 9/24/2020 meeting.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, use, and addiction is an complex topic. But as it happens I recently watched an interesting video by Marc Lewis that discussed the neuroscience of addiction. This one:

Impulse management

I had discovered Marc Lewis while digging around in the work of Nir Eyal on distraction and distractability. (Link to the best articles on his website here: Nir Eyal) Nir has an interesting backstory. In a previous book he wrote about using technology tools to create healthy habits in his previous book “Hooked.”

Ever find yourself doing something and thinking “why am I doing this?” Here’s a great video where Nir Eyal explains the concepts in his book “Indistractable.”

Creating a new habit

Another researcher whose work is related to developing new habits came up in our meeting: B.J. Fogg. (Link to book: Tiny Habits) Using his process I personally became a daily flosser. Here’s the presentation I first learned of his technique of using existing behaviors as triggers for developing new behaviors.

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