Notes for 9/10/20 Meeting

Quite a few people showed up for our online meeting last night. Here are the follow up ideas, links, resources for the topics discussed by our facilitators.

The video about finding meaning (from The School of Life)

F*ck Feelings The website for the authors of F*ck Feelings: (A review of their book is in our book recommendation section) This is a frequently recommended book in our meetings and the authors cover many of the same topics/issues on their website.


A introduction to Non-Violent Communication (links to a PDF) This is a tool set for listening and engaging with others (and with ourselves) that more consciously navigates the emotions and thoughts that spring up.

Link School Transformation Materials

Duane’s “five areas of focus.” As mentioned, these are categories of life to balance not obsess over, to improve not perfect.

01 Structure With a modest amount of structure to ones day, week, month a routine develops. And within that routine a sense of competence and mastery naturally grows.

02 Sleep Sleep hygiene (regular bed-times/wake-times and routines) are a basic foundation of that.

03 Nutrition & Hydration Consistent/adequate diet and hydration fuel the body/mind and help the system operate effectively. (Spikes/droughts/floods keep things in crisis)

04 Exercise Modest regular exercise reduces injury, improves balance, builds body confidence.

05 Stress This is the primary focus of most of our groups discusions. Learning to more effectively manage/navigate ones information and social world is a life-long journey. You’ll never have NO stress but you can learn to navigate it better. You don’t need to act on your emotions. Your thoughts are not truths, they are just thoughts. The stories you tell yourself about who you are, who you should be, who you aren’t, etc. are just stories. “I am” is a complete sentence. (Things don’t get better or worse so much as they get different. Better and worse are judgments based on our experience and expectations. Attitude and practice help us get better at adapting to change and managing that difference.)

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