August 2019 Meetings


Location for August 8th meeting: The Maleng Building (410 9th Ave)

Our 2nd Thursday group will meet 7-9pm in room 111/112 on the ground floor of the Maleng Building. This is two doors north of the Harborview Research and Training Building where we have been meeting for years, so the bus route and driving info will stay the same. We’ll put signs on the doors to provide some direction. And we’re sorry about the confusion. This is looking like our new “permanent” location.

Our August 22nd 7-9pm meeting location at the UW Medical Center Pacific Cafeteria Conference rooms (1959 NE Pacific Street) is staying the same.

Should anything change there will be an update here on the website and to our mailing list. Not on the mailing list? Sign up here: DBSAseattle Member Mailing List


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  1. What days does the DBSA meet? It mentions ‘the 2nd thursday’ group? Not sure what that means… Do you meet any other days than Thursday?

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